Hieronymus Bosch
Allegories. Secret Signs

Hieronymus Bosch

Allegories. Secret Signs
Hieronymus Bosch. His paintings can be read like a book, not just looked at. They are full of allegories and various symbols. Unfortunately, the meaning of many of the symbols is long lost.

We do not know when exactly it was created, Bosch never dated his works. Neither do we know what the artist himself named it. Art critics had to give them the titles by themselves.

The corruption and depravity of humankind is contained in multiple symbols. Fruits and berries symbolise sinful sexuality. Bosch's huge birds are an allegory of how unrestrained humans are in lust and debauchery. The glass pipes and retorts are most likely a mockery of alchemists' vain attempts to master the secrets of nature. At the end of their sinful life journey, Bosch's characters arrive in Hell.

His works mesmerise with their wonderful depth and originality. They have the sense of a mystery known only to the artist himself. Bosch demonstrates how easy it is for a human to fall into sin and end up in Hell, even though a long time ago he was born in Heaven.

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